Protect Your Investment With Air Conditioner Maintenance

There’s a reason why Affordable Heating & Air Conditioning is well-known for its air conditioner maintenance service. When you choose us for your A/C maintenance needs, not only will your system run more efficiently—you’ll experience fewer future repairs as well. Call the Affordable pros today at 414-481-2727 to get on our maintenance schedule.

air conditioner maintenance check from tech

What’s Included in A/C Maintenance?

Our maintenance service is a thorough system check that covers every working part of your A/C. Not only do we clean your unit, but we also check for proper refrigerant levels and tune the evaporator, condenser coils, coil fins, and condensate drain. Our professional technicians also check the unit’s belts, motors, terminals, and connections before testing your thermostat’s accuracy. If we notice an issue with your unit, we’ll suggest a repair to correct it, which can help prevent a more serious system issue in the future.

Why A/C Maintenance Is Beneficial for Your Unit

Think of it as an investment in your system: A/C maintenance cost is well worth it compared to repair or replacement. Neglecting air conditioner maintenance can cause a steady decline in your unit’s performance while causing energy costs to rise. But there are many other benefits to scheduling regular maintenance, including:

  • Helping your system operate at peak efficiency for longer
  • Preventing breakdowns and the need for major repairs
  • Ensuring your system reaches or surpasses its estimated lifespan
  • Improving your home’s indoor air quality by keeping your unit and filter clean

A Little A/C Maintenance Goes a Long Way

When you’re ready for a more reliable, energy-efficient system, call Affordable Heating or set up an appointment online. As a Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer, you can trust us to take care of your A/C to keep it running properly for years to come.

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