Ductwork Modification

Believe it or not, your ductwork plays as much a part in your energy use as your heating and cooling system does. Most people think ducts move heated or cooled air from here to there, but there’s more to it. If your ductwork is improperly sized or designed, you won’t be comfortable in your home—no matter how efficient your system is. Affordable Heating & Air Conditioning in the Greater Milwaukee area has you covered. Ask us about our ductwork modification service.

We Can Modify Your Ductwork for Improved Home Comfort

Ductwork modification is one of our specialties. From small repairs to new design and installation of your ductwork, we can do it all because we can custom fabricate sheet metal to build any parts—which means we can quickly and efficiently enhance the performance of your system. In fact, if your entire duct system needs to be replaced, we can design and fabricate a new system from start to finish—in many cases, within one day.

May we offer a word of caution? Be aware of contractors or plumbers who offer to modify your ductwork at the cheapest rates. At Affordable Heating, just because installation or services are affordable, doesn’t mean they’re cheap. Knowing the difference, you’ll want expert technicians working on your job who can pull the required permits and are covered by insurance. You want someone who guarantees their work. That’s Affordable Heating. Make the right choice by calling us.

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