Thermostats and Controls

Take comfort into your own hands and save money too!

showing homeowners new thermostat

Today’s technology allows you to take command of your home comfort and energy savings like never before. State-of-the-art controls and thermostats ensure all your systems are operating at maximum efficiency and delivering the “just right” amount of humidity for you.

With such a range of options, rely on the knowledgeable technicians from Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning to help you select the unit that best meets your needs. While at your home, they can also provide you with money-saving tips–which can be as simple as drawing the blinds during the summer, to slightly more complex recommendations like adding insulation to eliminate drafts.

Control Systems Give You the Power

Bryant offers a range of solutions, including the Evolution Connex control. This unit manages a complete home comfort system including humidity, ventilation, and zoning. Touch-screen design allows any family member to take advantage of its intelligent, energy-management features.

Don’t Waste Heating and Cooling Dollars When No One Is Home

Select from a variety of Bryant thermostats including non-programmable, programmable, and Wi-Fi enabled. Did you know that simply by using a programmable thermostat you can save up to 30 percent on your heating costs? And if you travel a lot or family plans change quickly, a thermostat with Wi-Fi capability allows you to access your system 24/7 from almost anywhere so you can adjust the temperature to meet your family’s needs. You can also view detailed energy reporting information so you can see areas or times where you may be able to make simple adjustments that can significantly reduce your energy costs.

Call the experts at Affordable Heating and we will evaluate your family’s routine, size of your home and current HVAC, and recommend a control system that meets your needs and budget. More importantly, when we install your new control or thermostat, we will take the time to train you to easily master its use. And if you have a question after it has been installed, call us anytime—we are happy to help.

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