Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Solve high and low humidity problems with one call to Affordable Heating & Air Conditioning.

Wisconsin winters can be brutal both outside and inside. While the snow and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc outside, inside the air becomes very dry—at minimum, making skin itchy and uncomfortable. But very dry air can also bring on colds and the flu, and aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms. In your home, dry air can also cause paneling, woodwork, and luxurious hardwood floors to crack.

The solution? A whole-home humidifier, which will not only keep you comfortable, but may also save money. Air with low humidity levels makes you feel colder. Instead of constantly turning up the thermostat and raising your energy bills, ask about an efficient whole-home humidifier.

Breathe Easier—Reduce Dry, Uncomfortable Air

Let Affordable Heating & Conditioning provide the solution you need. Bryant offers a variety of sizes and types of humidifiers that work within your existing heating system. In no time, our factory-trained professionals will have you breathing easy.

While We Love Summer, Humid Air Can Cause Problems

Wisconsinites all know that cold, clammy feeling that sometimes comes with hot summer temperatures—especially for those who live near Lake Michigan. While we love the sunny weather, all that humid air allows mold and mildew to grow, and may make it hard for family members with allergies or respiratory issues to catch a deep breath.

Unfortunately, your air conditioner alone can only do so much to control humidity. A Bryant dehumidifier offers soothing relief from high humidity and cooling costs. By drawing excess moisture from indoor air, it lets you feel comfortable so you don’t over cool your home, which helps reduce your energy bills.

You can select from a variety of Bryant dehumidifiers from Affordable Heating that work within your existing heating/cooling system—or work individually in the rooms where you need them most. Talk to one our friendly team members today.

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