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Residents in St. Francis have always understood “cooler by the lake.” When folks out west are talking about the scorching heat, our temperatures are pleasant. We don’t turn on air conditioners until the dog days of summer. And, while we gain some benefits from Lake Michigan in summer, that same lake can make it much colder in the winter.

Affordable Heating & Air Conditioning understands our climate and offers solutions that can make sense. For example, ductless split systems deliver heating and cooling directly to certain rooms. You can choose to cool bedrooms at night during the summer, or heat space rooms only when relatives are coming to visit.

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Furnace Maintenance, Repair, and Installation in St. Francis, WI

Living by the lake, you get used to shoveling a lot of snow during the winter. What you don’t get used to is poor or inconsistent heat. If your furnace or boiler is not performing well, give it a tune up. The NATE-certified technicians at Affordable Heating can diagnose the issue and perform minor repairs on the spot.

If your heating unit shows signs of quitting on you, we can provide a range of options to meet your budget. We install quickly, especially if your heat goes out in the dead of winter. Better yet, to help prevent this problem, get a tune up in the fall. We can check for problems and make sure our heating unit is trouble-free all winter long.

Air Conditioner Maintenance, Repair, and Installation in St. Francis, WI

While some St. Francis residents may choose to go without air conditioning during the summer, the high humidity of living by the lake can make it uncomfortable and difficult to breathe for those with allergies and asthma.

A quality whole-house air conditioner can offer the relief and energy savings you need. You can set the temperature so the air conditioner only runs when needed. The filters in the air conditioner help clean the air and make it easier for everyone in the home to breathe.

Replacing the filters regularly helps maintain the unit, but if you need more assistance, call Affordable Heating. We can cover everything from regular cleaning, to repairs, and installation. As a Focus on Energy Trade Ally, we can also offer tips for keeping your house cool, so you can run your unit less often and save money.

Boiler Maintenance, Repair, and Installation in St. Francis, WI

There are many older homes in St. Francis that rely on boilers. While some companies do not service boilers, Affordable Heating does. We can perform regular maintenance to keep your boiler running as long as possible and make repairs. When it becomes time to replace it, Bryant offers quality boilers to meet your budget or we can look at other heating options.

Indoor Air Quality in St. Francis, WI

Living near the lake has benefits, but during the summer months mold and mildew can be an issue. Damp spots also create breeding grounds for insects. Whole-house dehumidifiers can take care of that cold and clammy feeling and leaving you breathing better.

In the winter, a humidifier can also have you breathing easier, plus reduce those annoying static shocks. A humidifier also protects the wood features in your home such as floors and cabinets.

Thermostats and Controls in St. Francis, WI

Want to be in complete control of your home comfort? Consider a new control or thermostat from Affordable Heating. The temperature and humidity can vary greatly and a new control will allow you to make the decisions about what your family needs.

Directions to Affordable Heating from St. Francis, WI

When traveling from St. Francis, head south on South Nicholson Avenue for about two miles. Turn left on East Van Norman Avenue and continue for 0.2 miles. Take the second right on South Kinnickinnic Avenue. We are on the left.

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