Simple Heating Checks Before You Call

Troubleshooting on your own can save you a service call—and money.

technician troubleshooting furnace

If you have trouble with your heating system, remember you can always call us for help and service. But here are a few simple things to try before calling us to your home for a service visit.

Gas Furnace Equipment Checklist

  • Make sure that your thermostat is set in the “heat” position—and if you have a digital thermostat, that it has full-power batteries in it.
  • Double check that the temperature you are requesting is greater than the temperature of the indoor temperature shown on your thermostat. (Sometimes the temperature may be higher than you requested it to be in your home because of the added heat from the sun. This is very common in both spring and fall.)
  • Look at the power switch on the side of the furnace and make sure it’s in the “on” position. This switch must remain on year-round for operation of the furnace and air conditioner.
  • Make sure the circuit breakers in the electrical panel are in the “on” position. (Bad weather and lightning can cause breakers to trip.)
  • Be sure to change your furnace filter frequently. All 1-inch thick furnace filters should be replaced monthly, 2-inch thick filters should be changed every other month. Remember these are just guidelines. If you have pets with lots of pet hair, or have a heavy smoker in your home, the filter may need to be changed more often.

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