Customize Your Comfort With an HVAC Zoning System

Having rooms in your home that don’t stay warm or cool properly is all too common in older Milwaukee-area homes. Let Affordable Heating & Air Conditioning help you solve that puzzle. With an HVAC zoning system, you can say goodbye to those pesky hot and cold spots—and hello to whole-home comfort. See how our Bryant® experts can help you below, then call us to schedule an appointment.

What Is an HVAC Zoning System?

Zoned HVAC divides your home into separate areas—or “zones”—based on the room itself and your family’s needs. The pros at Affordable Heating install dampers into your ductwork that open and close, sending customized hot or cold air to these different zones. It enables you to take control of individual room temperature and customize your comfort across your whole house.

How an HVAC Zoning System Can Save You Money

Because zoning enables you set different temperatures in different zones, you can cut down on your energy usage. For example, say you usually spend the most time in your living room and bedroom. You can channel hot or cold air—and the energy used to condition it—more to those two areas rather than the rest of your house. Your family’s comfort will remain the same, but you won’t spend as much money on utility bills.

Take Zoning Control Further With Programmable Thermostats

Today’s thermostats are more powerful and user-friendly than ever. They let you set temperatures on the go, schedule changes, and even let you monitor energy usage. That control goes double for zoning systems. Take Bryant’s Zone Perfect digital thermostat, for example. This device allows you to create up to eight zones in your home. It can be used with furnaces, A/Cs, and heat pumps—and also features humidity control. You can enjoy both greater comfort and lower energy costs with the use of one device.

See If Zoned HVAC Is Right for You

Let the trained technicians at Affordable Heating determine whether an HVAC zoning system makes sense for your family and budget. We can also provide money-saving tips to help keep your energy bills under control. All that is just one phone call or click away.

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