Boiler Replacement

Our pros recommend and install new energy-efficient boilers.

new boiler installation

Finding a home comfort provider that installs boilers isn’t always easy, so don’t take chances—we offer the experience and attention to detail most others can’t. The knowledgeable technicians at Affordable Heating & Air Conditioning know the ins and outs of these complex heating units and perform expert installations in a timely manner. We:

  • Provide free estimates to help you budget for your new system
  • Are up to date on all boiler system makes and models
  • Will measure and evaluate your home for accurate sizing
  • Only recommend units that fit your home and comfort needs perfectly
  • Clean up after replacing your old one, so you’ll barely know we were there

After 35+ years in the industry and thousands of boiler installations, we’re known as the go-to crew for homeowners in the Greater Milwaukee area—not just for installation, but also for repair and maintenance service. Our professional technicians are NATE-certified, experienced, friendly, and ready to recommend custom solutions specific to your needs.

Here’s Why We Recommend Boiler Replacements

Forced-air systems might be more popular, but don’t count boilers out when considering a new heating system. Boilers are hydronic heating systems that use either steam or hot water to deliver heat throughout your home via piping and radiators. They can also be connected to radiant in-floor heating systems to provide you with the ultimate in comfort. Additionally, boilers:

  • Provide a clean source of heat that doesn’t stir up dust particles and allergens
  • Are a consistent, cost-effect alternative to forced-air furnace systems
  • Operate quietly because there are no blowers or that whooshing noise as air is pushed through ductwork
  • Have impressive lifespans—with proper maintenance, they can last decades
  • Can include a tank to provide hot water to your entire home

Let’s Discuss Your Installation or Replacement Needs

When you’re ready to replace your boiler, leave it to our pros to find an energy-efficient model that will save you money on heating bills. We proudly install Bryant® systems and are ready to start discussing your options whenever you are—call 414-481-2727.

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