Service in Franklin, WI

The city of Franklin has an aggressive development plan to ensure options for home, work, play, and shopping are within reach for residents. As homeowners appreciate the efforts city government makes to create a vibrant community, keeping your home vibrant and energy-efficient are compatible goals.

Many folks are familiar with ENERGY STAR, which rates furnace, air conditioners, boilers, and other HVAC equipment based on energy efficiency. With so many options available, the choices can be overwhelming. Call on the pros from Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning and we can walk you through the choices and help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Furnace Maintenance, Repair, and Maintenance in Franklin, WI

Keeping your home warm in winter can mean high utility bills, especially in the dead of the season. Call the technicians at Affordable Heating for help choosing a new energy-efficient furnace with an expert installation. We’ll explain all your options and help you take advantage of Focus on Energy rebates or special promotions.

If you just need your furnace repaired, our experts will arrive prepared and on time to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. But to avoid some repairs, we recommend having your furnace cleaned annually. Our team will clean, lubricate, and inspect all components of your heating unit to help keep your unit running smoothly.

Air Conditioner Maintenance, Repair, and Installation in Franklin, WI

In Franklin, we rarely get the benefit of “cooler by the lake” so we rely on air conditioning to keep us cool and comfortable in summer. Make the most of this time by ensuring that your air conditioner is working properly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment for regular maintenance when flowers bloom, announcing their presence in the spring. There are no long lines at this time of year.

And should your unit break down and need repair or replacement, let the NATE-certified technicians at Affordable Heating handle it. We can perform most small repairs on the spot and will let you know if it makes more sense to replace rather than repair the air conditioner. If you need a new unit, we can give your options and do the install.

Boiler Maintenance, Repair, and Installation in Franklin, WI

Affordable Heating meets the highest level of quality repair and installation standards with our factory-trained and certified technicians. While many HVAC firms no longer service boilers, Affordable Heating does.

We can handle boiler maintenance, including: re-tubing, welded pressure vessel repairs, refractory repairs, combustion analysis, and control work. And when it’s finally time to retire your boiler, we can help you select an efficient new model and install it.

Indoor Air Quality in Franklin, WI

You can’t control the air you breathe outdoors, but you can control it indoors. Air that is too wet or too dry can make it hard for those with respiratory troubles to breathe.

Damp conditions may encourage insects to breed, which could spread disease. On the opposite end, really dry conditions can cause nosebleeds and cracking skin. You may want to consider a whole-home humidifier/dehumidifier to take control over your air.
And if you want control over pollutants such as pollen and dust, you may want to consider an air cleaner/air purifier to remove contaminants from the air.

Thermostats and Controls in Franklin, WI

Is your spouse always raising the temperature because he or she is too cold? Do you have thermostat wars in your home? End the war—get an energy efficient thermostat or control unit from Bryant.

These controls provide more options for heating and cooling individual rooms, and you can find ways to save money on your energy bills. Who doesn’t want that? Call Affordable Heating today and let them show you how to make peace with your family and thermostat.


Directions to Affordable Heating from Franklin, WI

When you are driving from Franklin, start traveling northeast on West Loomis Road/WI-36. After five miles you will merge onto I-43 North/I-894 East and travel for one mile. Merge onto I-94 West/I-43 North via EXIT 10A toward US-41/Milwaukee. Travel two miles and take the Howard Avenue exit, EXIT 314A-B. Keep right to take the Howard Avenue ramp and turn right onto Howard Avenue. Travel for two miles and then turn right onto South Kinnickinnic Avenue and travel about one mile. The road will split and you will turn left onto East Van Norman Avenue. Take the first right onto South Kinnickinnic Avenue. We are on the left.